IT Support in East Anglia - Making IT Systems work!





IT Support in East Anglia – Creating IT Systems that work!

As we have learned from starting up West View IT. Running your business should be a great experience. Providing the best service or product, and keep those clients happy. The last think you want is for your system to go down at your busiest time of day, or to lose your company data (at any time of day).

We have a game changer! – Our Managed IT Support Solution will change the way you use your IT systems forever.

We feel strongly that, if an IT system is setup properly, maintained regularly and monitored well, then it just works! So that is exactly what we do. We provide a fully managed IT system for you and your staff to focus on what matters most to you.

Who this is for.

If you run a business between 5 and 50 employees who face IT problems all to frequently and want it all sorted – then you should stop & get in contact.

What you will get.

 You get a Managed IT Service that includes everything you need to keep things running nice and smoothly. Licences, Solutions & Support.


What our clients have to say

At ​last, I have found an IT company who knows exactly what you require. No Jargon, just plain language, gets the job done and it all works first time.

In addition to this, what great value for money they are. I have recommended them to a number of my clients. These clients are always well satisfied with the recommendation.

Nick Green

Director, Accountant in Bury St Edmunds

Excellent service with honesty and integrity. Highly recommended.

Paul Everett

Bury St Edmunds

​Fast, simple and effective IT ​provider, ​who closely monitors ​my system

Mark Akintaro

Director, Brandon

We’ve helped each other on a few projects. I was a little cautious about working with an ‘IT Guy’ because they tend to be so vigorous, sometimes hard to communicate with.

However, Owen is a really good guy to work with, and listens which just makes both of our lives easier.

I’ve referred clients to him with great feedback every-time.

Daniel Somers

Managing Director, Ipswich

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