Your own hassle free outsourced IT department

outsourced IT department

Taking ownership of your IT responsibilities so you can focus on what you want, from anywhere.

Our managed IT service gives you one point of contact for all of your technical needs. Providing your staff a supportive hand, your devices are safe and your data is secure. 

Who is this for?

If you run a business from 5 employees and up who face IT problems all too frequently and want it all sorted or always have IT tasks on the list that never gets done – then you should stop & get in contact.

What you will get.

You get an entire outsourced IT department. That includes everything you need to keep things running nice and smoothly. Licences, solutions & support for a fixed monthly cost.


The Benefits for you


Access to industry experts


One point of contact for all technical needs


Fixed monthly fee


Reduced IT security risk


Reduced issues with proactive maintenance


Scale services as your business grows

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outsourced IT department
outsourced IT department
outsourced IT department
outsourced IT department
outsourced IT department

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