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We all want to be more productive right? It seems to be a never-ending cycle.

Every little helps, whether that’s automating tasks, to do lists or improving communications. Many of the things we use on a day-to-day basis have integrated tools that can help with productivity and they are always a good thing to try out to see if they work for you.

An example of this is in fact your web browser. You might think that it is just a way to access the internet, but it does actually have some hidden gems. This is especially true if you use Microsoft Edge in Windows 11. It comes with loads of features that can amplify your productivity.

Here are some of our top picks.

  1. Split Screen

This is great for multitasking. This is one of the things many business owners must be able to do and the split screen feature makes it so easy. Whether you are comparing web page, researching multiple topics, or simply keeping an eye on multiple sites, split screen lets you view two pages side-by-side within the same tab.


  1. Vertical Tabs

Do you ever find that you have so many tabs open and can never find the one you are looking for? Yeah, same. Microsoft Edge’s vertical tabs offer a much needed refresh on tab management. By stacking tabs vertically along the side of your browser window, you can now easily navigate between open tabs and still access some essential controls such as close and mute.


  1. Workspaces for collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork are key for any business. Microsoft know this and have created the workspace feature to make it easier to work well with colleagues or even clients. You can create a workspace with a collection of open tabs, then share it with others via a link. It means they can open these tabs with one click. You can then discuss, brainstorm, and create from there.


  1. Collections for research.

Gathering information from the web is a common task and it is something that can take a long time. Microsoft Edge makes this easier with their Collections feature. You can easily save and organise text, images, and videos from web pages into custom collections. This means you can keep your different projects separate and organised.


  1. Immersive Reader

How often have you tried to focus on reading something important but end up getting distracted by other things?  This is where Immersive Reader comes into play. It provides a clutter free reading experience that removes ads, links and other interruptions. You can even customise the text size size, spacing and colour scheme to suit your preferences. You can even have the content read out loud to you if needed.


These are just some of the integrated features that you can use to increase your productivity. If you don’t already use Microsoft Edge on Windows 11, this could be the perfect time to switch. If you need some help or advice, get in touch!


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