How secure do you think your passwords are? Many believe that longer is better. Unfortunately, that is not the case, it is time for a serious talk about password security.

New research has revealed a sobering truth – even passwords that are 15 characters long can be compromised. Length doesn’t always mean strength.

The eight-character password still reigns supreme for the most compromised length of a password. This doesn’t, however, mean that if yours is longer you are safe. The fifteen-character password also makes an appearance in the top ten most compromised lengths.

You might be wondering how? The answer lies in the content of the password as well as the length, and, whether you use that password for multiple accounts and sites. The most compromised eight-character password is none other than ‘password’, while the most compromised fifteen-character password is ‘Sym_newhireOEIE’.

It is not just about individual people thought. Businesses like yours are at high risk too. An alarming 86% of all cyber attacks start with stolen credentials. That’s nearly nine out of ten attacks!

Sure, longer passwords do offer more resistance to brute force cracking. An eight-character password can be cracked in five minutes, while a good fifteen-character one could take up to 37 million years if it’s not following any obvious pattern (i.e. it’s random and uses many types of character).

Remember though, this is just one piece of the puzzle. Length alone won’t save you from stolen credentials via phishing attacks. Use a robust business password manager. Not only will it randomly generate long passwords for you, but it will also remember them and fill in the login box for you!

We would also recommend you use two factor authentication, where you generate a code on a separate device to prove it’s you. Even if cyber criminals crack your password, they still won’t be able to access your data 

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