There is no denying that Windows 11 has a lot of really cool new features. If you haven’t made the move from Windows 10 yet, you are missing out. There is good news though. To make the eventual move from Windows 10 to 11 a little easier, Microsoft is sharing a couple of 11’s most useful features.


The first should make printing a little easier. We can hear your cheers! Anything that makes printing easier is good in our book too. Printers don’t have a terrible reputation for nothing! This feature makes printing PIN-protected. That means when you want to print a document, you will send it off to the printer – but it will only print when you have gone to the printer and entered the PIN. This removes the risk of you printing something confidential and leaving it on the printer for anyone to see, or accidentally printing several copies of the same document. Yes, this will reduce paper waste and that is not all!



There is a second really useful feature coming over to Windows 10. It is called Focus Assist and works alongside do not disturb.

Switching on do not disturb is great when you want a little uninterrupted time to finish a task or do some research, but if you use it a lot, you might miss a notification that you really needed to see.

Focus Assist stops this from happening. You can use it alongside do not disturb and it still allows important and time-sensitive messages to reach you.


These features have been in testing since June this year. There is still no date for when they will be released to everyone with Windows 10, but they are on their way.


If you would like to make the switch to Windows 11 or would like some recommendations for some other productivity boosting features we would be happy to help. Get in touch!



Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.