Security Guards for Phones?!

Imagine this, you have checked your pockets, your bag, under the car seat, everywhere…and then it hits you. You left your work phone at the coffee shop.

Then the panic hits. It’s not the device itself that you are worried about, but all the sensitive information that is stored on it. If that phone ends up in the wrong hands, then your business is facing a nightmare.

However, this worry could be over as Microsoft and Samsung are joining forces to make your work phones more secure. In September they are launching a ground breaking solution to help protect anyone who uses a Samsung Galaxy device in the workplace.


With something called on-device attestation. This lets companies see if mobile devices have been compromised, even at their deepest components. Think of it as a security guard for your phone.  Samsung brings its software and hardware innovations to the table, whilst Microsoft provides its endpoint management expertise.

Whilst other device attestation tools require a network connection and access to cloud services, this solution works reliably regardless of network connectivity or device ownership model. This solution will be released alongside Microsoft Intune (previously known as Windows Intune), a unified endpoint management service for both corporate devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Microsoft Intune will be available to select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, especially those “Secured by Knox”.

So, whether you are working from the office, a coffee shop, a train or even a remote cabin in the woods, you can rest assured your device is safe.

In business your phone is more than just a communication device. It is a vault of sensitive and valuable information. With Microsoft and Samsung on the case, that vault just got a lot safer!