Learning Hub 

Welcome to the Learning Hub! Here you will find loads of information to browse! We have videos, guides and even a free Ebook for you! 

Training Videos

Here you will find a range of training videos. We have everything from tips and tricks for everyday programmes like Microsoft Word to videos about cyber security and how to stay safe and protect yourself from Cybercriminals. We upload a new video every month so keep your eyes peeled for the most recent ones!

Advice Guides

Here we have loads of advice guides! We have a guide on everything! From the newest software updates, Hacking, Cyber hygiene and even Tips and tricks specifically for businesses such as KPIS and the importance of good IT. We also have writeen guides for things that we have had lots of questions about such as Microsoft 365 and OneDrive. 

Tools and Free Ebook

Here we have an email breach checker. This is where you can type in your email address to see if it had been included in a data breach. Along the same lines we also have a free Ebook that you can download and read. It tells the story of an individual becoming the victim of a phishing scam. We include tips and basic security procedures for you so that hopefully this never happens to you!