​Finally - a way to get viruses removed and be sure they're gone

​Professional removal AND 1 month’s free security monitoring

​If you're a small business owner, you need your computer back in action, and fast. You also need to be sure it's secure in the future. That's why I include 1 month of active security monitoring with every virus removal.

Yes - all aspects of security and privacy will be checked for a month.

Book a virus removal and I will check and deep clean your computer to remove all threats:
  • ​Malware
  • ​Viruses
  • ​Ransomeware
  • ​Spyware
  • ​Adware

I won't stop when I find one thing. I'll keep digging until I have got your computer running 100% securely. All threats will be removed and you can safely carry on working.

Don’t just get the virus removed - get secure - properly secure.

In addition to removal of the virus and 1 month of security monitoring, you will get a free health check on your computer. This includes checks on:

  • Security
  • Encryption
  • Backups
  • Email
  • I will provide you with a free report of any problems or recommendations.

Feel safe after a virus attack

​Virus removal

​I will manually scan and clean your computer from top to bottom and remove any threats.

​Security monitoring

​Rest easy knowing that I have you covered. 1 month of premium security monitoring is included.

​Health check

​You will learn about any other problems your computer may have, and avoid disruption in the future.

​Performance boost

​Work faster on a clean and secure computer. Removing viruses often helps a sluggish computer.

It's pretty scary getting a virus - but I can help

It's no fun when you think your computer is infected or threatened. And that's where I can help. Give me a call, and we can chat about your problems. I'm not one of those geeky IT guys that speaks a foreign language.  It'll be just like talking to a normal person.

We can then arrange a time for me to come and get your computer safe and secure again.

I won't just remove the virus and leave you to it. But will give you 1 month of premium security monitoring for free. If you’ve got any questions or concerns in that period, just give me a call

If you are unsure about the health and security of your computer, give me a call anyway. I can do a free health check for you.

Enjoy a safe, fast and secure computer again.

Frequently Asked Questions

​How much will it cost?

​How do I know you have found everything?

​Will I lose all my data?

​How long will it take?

​What if you can't fix it?

​What will stop it happening again?