No more remembering to do a backup or worrying about data loss

Have all of you files ​securly backed up, without lifting a finger.

Backing up data is the ​most important task of any business, large or small. With cyber threats at a record high, can you risk losing it all? This ​crucial task can now be ​entirely automated for you. No need to change disks, check completion or even ​think about it. ​

​Yes - All of your documents are backed up securly on your computer AND on the cloud everyday

Ask me to setup ​my ​cloud backup service ​then ​we can protect all of your data including:

  • ​Documents
  • ​Software Backups
  • Emails
  • Media
  • SQL Databases

But we don't just copy files - we schedule it to run at a time that suites you AND we ​keep up to 30 copys of your daily backups and will restore them as and when you require. Go back 2 weeks to that spreadsheet that you accidentally ​deleted, or if you PC doesnt start up. ​We will download all of it to another device for you.

​Don't just copy your data - Secure it!

In addition to running the service, not only do you ​get an email notification to confirm the backup had run but it is checked and monitored by me on a daily basis. If a backup doesn't run when it is supposed to, I will investigate and get it going again proactivly.

​Don't ​leave it too late

Backup the Data

​I will setup a scheduled daily backup to run with the file selection of your choice at the schedule of your choice.

​30 days Rollback

​As your backups are taken day by day you build up a 30 day rollback option. This means that have 30 copies of your data to fall back on.

Completey Secure

​The Cloud backup platform is completely secure. You ​choose a password and Encyption key, which is the only way to access the data.

Pay for what you use

​Our pricing structures are ​tiered. That means that you pay for what you use. The less data you have, the lower the price.

​Pay for what you use

​ ​The Starter

To get you off the ground running.


/ month

  • check
    ​10GB Backup Storage
  • check
    ​Scheduled Backup
  • check
    Backup Monitored by me

​The Business

All the best bits


/ month

  • check
    ​20GB Backup Cloud Storage
  • check
    Scheduled Backup
  • check
    ​Perfect for Small Businesses
  • check
    ​Email Notification
  • check
    Regular ​Test Restores

​The Big one

The big kid stuff.


/ month

  • check
    Custom Cloud Storage
  • check
    ​Scheduled Backups
  • check
    ​Email Notifcation

​Get Started Now

Focus you energy on more important business by signing up to our worry free backup solution. Send us a message now to get started.