Give your PC a new lease of life

Your Computer, Boosted

​Over time, computers can start to struggle with the weight of all of those programs, updates and files ​that are constantly being added. Now you can give your PC a boost with a PC health Check. 

​A PC health check looks at all aspects of a computers health and is a great opportunity to improve the performance - ​It is a ​great alternative to replacing.

​Your PC might not need replacing - It might need a ​checkup

Book a health check and I will check and deep clean your computer to optimise it's performance and check it's security including

  • Updates
  • ​Antivirus/Security Protection
  • Optimisation Settings
  • Unwanted, unneccessary Applications,
  • Checks ​for, Malware, Viruses, Ransomware, Spyware & Adware
  • Encyption
  • Backups
  • Email platform

Once reviewed, I will get your computer running it's very best and provide you with a free report of ​any other problems or recommendations.