Spam emails, we all get them. We all find them annoying right? Having to clear them out of your inbox and empty your spam folder. It can be a real nightmare and kills your productivity.

Did you know that a recent report found that every one of your employees could be losing up to 80 hours each year due to filtering and deleting spam emails? That’s a lot of time they could be using for other things.

Anywhere between 45% and 80% of emails generated each day are spam. This includes malicious emails and those that hope to infect you with malware. That’s scary! Although we don’t all receive the same number of emails every day, the hours lost to filtering them does add up.

Imagine, one of your employees gets 30 external emails a day – that’s approximately 30 spam emails a week. This would work out to around 5 hours a year wasted on sorting through and deleting them. For someone who gets around 60 emails a day that is an average of 11 hours wasted by spam. If you add that up for every member of your team, you could be looking at a hefty figure.

To add to this, a proportion of these emails will be phishing attempts. Phishing is when the sender wants you to take an action (clicking on a link) that will secretly give them access to sensitive data. This is a huge risk to your data security!

There is of course a couple of things that you can do to cut down the time your people spend on spam emails. The first may seem obvious but make use of the spam and junk filters available from your email service by default.

Secondly you can bring in dedicated anti-spam and anti-phishing tools.

Finally, make sure your team are trained on the risks of span and how to spot spam emails. The majority of successful phishing attacks are due to human error.

If you would like any more information or are interested in training, please get in touch. We would love to help!


Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.