We all use our phones for a lot more than sending messages and making the occasional call. That means most of your staff are probably using their personal mobile for work now and then. Everyone does it.

The downside of this is it puts your business data at risk. If it can be accessed on a personal mobile ad that device gets breached, that is a risk. That is why the upcoming Android 13 is big news for businesses.

Google has released more information about the new features on its latest operating system for mobile devices. There are many features aimed at keeping business data safe and secure, while also helping your people maintain a good work/life balance. We are already able to create separate work and personal profiles on our android devices. This new update makes managing these profiles even easier. An example of this is that your team can choose which profile they open their apps in.

Let’s say they had to watch a training video for work. They can set their phone to open it in the browser rather than the YouTube app, so that it doesn’t affect their personal viewing history (and therefore suggested videos).

IT admins will benefit from more control over how business devices are used. They will also be able to monitor security logs for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and passwords, and install security patches faster.

It isn’t all about the control that admins have over work-issued devices. Your employees will benefit from having their data encrypted while using their personal profile.

There will also be separate photo galleries for business and personal photos; an improved Lost Mode to lock and locate lost devices; and end-to-end encryption when using the new ChromeOS integration feature.

If you have a Google device you should already have access to Android 13. Other Android devices can expect to receive the update in the coming weeks.

If you would like to talk through the best way to manage mobile devices for your business, get in touch. We would love to help.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.