Are you ever tempted to test new features before everyone else? Don’t be!

If you have ever been tempted to download the beta version of your favourite app, ready to test out all the cool new features before everyone else. STOP!

The FBI has some news that might just make you think twice. Cyber criminals have come up with a brand new trick to lure us into their lair. They’re hiding malicious code in fake beta versions of popular apps, turning unsuspecting people’s smartphones into their personal piggy banks.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love innovation as much as the next team of tech enthusiasts. But whilst beta versions have a certain allure, they haven’t gone through the rigorous security checks that apps in the official app stores must pass.

You might be thinking, “how does this happen”. Cyber criminals send fake emails pretending to be the developers of popular apps, offering early access to new beta versions, these are of course fake versions. Once installed these apps can do all manner of things to your device from accessing your financial data from banking apps to taking over your phone completely!

Imagine if this happened on a company device. Your business could be compromised.

The moral of the story is patience is a virtue. Hold off on downloading beta versions of apps. Wait until they are stable and officially released into the app stores.

If you have downloaded beta apps before, there are some red flags that you can look out for:

  • Faster battery drain
  • Poor performance
  • Persistent pop-up ads
  • Apps asking for unnecessary permissions.

We would recommend training your staff about this and possibly consider a Mobile Device Management Solution if you supply business phones.

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