Microsoft can be an overwhelming system. There are just so many apps and ways of using it that it can be a lot if you are just starting out. There are the basics, such as Word and Excel, but if you want to use it for your business then we would recommend getting to know it just a little more. It can open up a whole new world of opportunities.

We love Microsoft 365 because it allows and helps businesses and organisations to grow and stay productive in a secure and safe way. It allows staff to communicate easily and work from anywhere on the go!

Here are 3 apps we think everyone should use:


Teams and Tasks by Planner

Teams is the perfect collaboration and communication app. It allows you to chat, call and video call all in one place. You can set up your team space with all the apps you need so it is all in one place without you having to jump around. You can even send and edit documents right in teams with other apps such as Word and PowerPoint!

Tasks by Planner is integrated with Teams. It is a great app that is designed to help you organise your work. You can make to-do lists, assign tasks to other members of your team and create progress boards.



OneDrive is a cloud based storage solution. This means that you can save any file and access it from anywhere. It allows you to work from anywhere and seamlessly syncs your desktop documents without you having to do anything. OneDrive even uses optical character recognition (OCR) to search images and PDFs, so if you cant find the image you are looking for you can still search for it!



There are two main ways you can use Sharepoint. You can use it to create an enclosed intranet site specifically for your team, where you can share projects and files, create pages and really personalise it to what you need, however if that seems like too much you can use it in a much simpler way by using it purely as document storage for your team. This means you can create files and folders that everyone can use and edit! Seems pretty cool if you ask me!


These of course are not the only apps that Microsoft have to offer but we think these are some of the best ones to start with!


If you need any help or advice let us know!