What do you think of when you hear Zoom? For most people the answer is probably video calls. For millions around the world, it is a tool that they rely on at work every day. However, for productivity, collaboration, and workplace integration alongside video calls it is Microsoft Teams that is leading the way. Its tight integration with other Microsoft 365 services makes it so easy.

Zoom is now looking for a piece of that action with the launch of a whole suite of features and services. They are clearly designed to take on Teams and Slack head-to-head. These will include email, a calendar app and a co-working space called Zoom Spots. Meanwhile a bunch of upgrades to the Zoom One platform are aiming to improve collaboration, keep chats flowing and keep projects moving.

While it feels like a logical step for the video conferencing giant, it remains to be seen how widely adopted the new services will be. Before we recommend it to people, we will want to know the levels of support, reliability and security are all bulletproof.

Many businesses, including ours, are already committed to Microsoft Teams, which releases its own improvements on an almost weekly basis.

This is an interesting development, and we will be watching what happens carefully.

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Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.