As a business owner, you know how important good IT is. Your business couldn’t function without it, whether that be your phone systems, computers, or printers. Not to mention the security measures you take to keep your data safe from cybercriminals.


There has been a new forecast from IT consultancy firm, Gartner. They predict that businesses will be spending more on technology this year than they have in previous years. We have to say that we are not surprised. It is stated that the global IT spend could reach an enormous £3.3 trillion! That’s despite rising inflation and shortages in chips and manpower.


There has been a fundamental shift in the way businesses view their IT and Technology. This is due in part to the pandemic. Companies were forced to take unexpected urgent action to help employees work from home. For many companies this meant a huge investment in devices and the adoption of new technologies.


Luckily, we Humans are great at adapting and evolving. These changes have, for the most part, worked out well and for many they have embraced these changes on a more permanent basis. Whether that be permanently working from home or as a hybrid worker. However, it has also been a wakeup call. Many business leaders have realised that they need to be better prepared to be ready for potential disruptions. No one could predict the pandemic was coming, but this is the difference between a flexible, agile business and one that stumbles at the first hurdle.


Many businesses no longer see IT as a cost but now see it as an investment. There is a direct correlation between creating robust, safe and flexible systems and the productivity of staff and the business.


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Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.