Video calls have become a lot more mainstream in the past few years due to the rise in hybrid working. Some people have chosen to stay working from home, some have decided they prefer it in the office and some people like the best of both worlds. Either way video calls are here to stay.


If you want to invest in your video call set up then here are 3 easy upgrades for you to do.


First up is picture quality. Do you use the inbuilt camera on your laptop or pc? That’s ok but might not be the best quality. If you want to look better a decent camera is important. One of the simplest options is just to use an old smartphone that you might have hanging around. Cameras in most modern phones are great and it is simple to link them to your computer using a free app (e.g. Iruin). Alternatively, you could purchase a webcam. If you are going for the ultra professional look you can invest in a 4k webcam, however, these can be pricey. Most people find that a 1080p Full HD Resolution webcam is more than enough.

 The second most important thing and the one thing that gets neglected most is sound. How do you want to sound on a call? We all know how annoying it is when you can’t hear someone properly on the other end of a call. Most video platforms allow you to do a test call to test your microphone and sound quality. If your built-in mic isn’t up to the job you might want to get a usb desk microphone or a headset with a mic. If you work in a noisy environment a headset is probably the best way to go as, not only will they be able to hear you more clearly, but you will be able to hear them better too.

 Last but not least is lighting. If you have poor lighting it doesn’t matter what camera you get. The best and cheapest solution is just to use natural light. Sit near or facing a window whilst you are on a call. If this isn’t possible you can give your lighting a boost with a ring light. This will give you nice even lighting at a budget.

 However, if you want to go all in and have full control over your lighting you might consider getting two LED lights. These can be adjusted to light the scene however you want.

 If you have a minimal amount of space and don’t want all of these things cluttering up your desk try this combo: a webcam with a built in microphone and a ring light.

The best part about these solutions is that you don’t have to be an expert to set them up.  If you need a specific recommendation or any advice feel free to get in touch!



Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.