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A third of small and medium-sized business leaders do not trust their employees with confidential information. Do you? For many the answer is a resounding “no”.

Why? Maybe it is because Jim from accounting still has his password on a sticky note under his keyboard, or perhaps they have been burnt in the past and don’t want it to happen again. Either way, it is clear that trust is not enough when it comes to data security.

We believe that the problem isn’t the employees, but it is the lack of good training and security measures. So, what can you do about it?

Booking training for all your employees would be an easy first step. It empowers employees with the tools, techniques, and best practices they need to spot potential threats and take appropriate actions.

Think of it this way: well-trained staff pose less of a risk to the overall security of your business’s digital network. They become your first line of defence, helping to improve your company’s security, and significantly reducing the risk of a breach.

Next, there are your security measures. Many companies admit that they do not have sufficient technology or checks to protect their confidential information. This is where people like us, your trusted IT partner comes in.

Your IT partner can help set up your company’s system so that people can only access the data if and when they are supposed to.

Our job wouldn’t stop there. We can also ensure that your company has adequate policies relating to information sharing, gaining access to confidential data, and what happens when an employee leaves. By doing this we help you create a more secure working environment for everyone.

Here is the truth: trust isn’t enough in data security. However, with the right training and security measures in place, you can transform your employees from potential security risks into your greatest assets.

If you are ready to move from a place of fear and mistrust, to one of empowerment and confidence, get in touch!

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