​​Get it working​ - IT support with no nonsence

​Get your computer fixed with​out the nonesense. No ​tech ​jargon, ​just simple answers.

​Are you in need of friendly, helpful IT support and technical advice? If you are having issues with your computer then contact Owen Williams from West View IT now. I ​am a ​knowledgeable IT ​​specialist with over 10 years of experience in IT support, technical consultancy and PC repair.

​I pride my self on providing a "no nonsense" approach to getting you back up and running. There is no ​tech ​jargon here and my focus is on getting you up and running first and then preventing issues from arising again in the future. 

Services I provide are perfect for both clients who want a long-term "​external IT department" relationship as well as those that just want to call when things go wrong.

It's no fun with your computer doesn't work and that is where I can help. Give me a call and we can chat about the problems you are having. We do more then fix issues, if after work is done you have concerns then give me a call.

​Here are some ​of the most common issues that ​I can help with

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    ​My Computer is slow
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    My Computer Won't Start
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    ​Virus Removal
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    File Recovery
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    Slow Internet
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    WIFI issues
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    ​Email issues

​Is your computer giving you grief?

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