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So much more than “IT Support”

Our managed IT service is far more than IT support. It is based on 7 areas of expertise when combined makes the ultimate IT support solution for businesses with 5 or more users.

Here are the 7 golden rules we apply to keep your business running at it’s best.

Meet PlanIT, whose role here is to plan and prepare your IT Services as they develop over time. PlanIT will review what you have, what you want and what you need and then create a roadmap for your Managed Service over the coming years. This will enable you to know how much you are spending and when you need to spend it. We prepare for everything, including growth of your business so you don’t have to worry about IT Support, Cloud Services or other IT Projects

Introducing MaintainIT, whose role here is to ensure that everything happens at exactly the right time, whether it be Windows Updates, optimisations, or IT routines. MaintainIT performs all those boring but essential IT Maintenance tasks in the background with no interruption to your day to day work. This gives you peace of mind that your IT Service is up to date, safe and secure. This allows you time to focus on your business knowing that your IT Security is on point

Next up is MonitorIT, the finger on the pulse of your business. MonitorIT’s role is to keep a very close eye on every aspect of your IT Services which is closely monitored with intelligent sensors used to look out for the smallest clues of an issue. Working hand in hand with PreventIT, it ensures that issues are spotted at the earliest signs allowing for a fix to be applied before you even notice there was a problem, giving you seamless operations without hold ups.

Meet, PreventIT, who is the key player in our line-up. This role is to predict and protect from issues as they arrive, working closely with the other services to ensuring a good running business. PreventIT provides the security, and acts on the findings of MonitorIT. Making changes and constantly improving your IT Systems to “prevent” issues from arising. This is the biggest reason West View IT is the IT Company you won’t have to call. Prevention is better than a cure!

Presenting ImproveIT, our unsung hero in the IT department. ImproveIT will listen to your staff, look at how you work and offer hints, tips, ideas, processes, and in some cases completely automated steps! This is where technology meets efficiently. This helps your staff focus on more important tasks, but also saves you money and resource!

Introducing SupportIT, the helping hand who you can ask anything to do, well… anything technical. SupportIT’s role is to look after your staff, stop them from feeling silly. Answer any questions and make sure that everyone is happy. This is a massive resource to provide your staff with. Relax knowing you have someone to call (even though you won’t need to).

Meet RecoverIT. Their role is one of the most important. The knight in shining armour if the truly unexpected happens. RecoverIT works with PlanIT to make sure you are ready for anything. Attack, disaster and even home based working due to a global pandemic! RecoverIT is ready for anything. Meaning that you can be ready for anything.

Lets look at the details

Software Licences - Everything you will need

Each staff member receives all of the licences needed within a small business… Including Microsoft Office, a hosted Exchange mailbox, email signature management, spam filter and more.

Unlimited IT Support - Contact us as often as you like

Your staff can call on us to deal with any queries that they have. We keep a close eye on the big picture so calls are naturally low. That being said, sometimes user and computer have a bad day.

Security and Protection - Always keeping you safe

Selling a business antivirus software is NOT enough. Each staff member gets cyber security software that reports directly to us, if you have a threat, we get told.

Complete Backup Solution - We Backup Everything

One of the most important rules in IT, all of your data is backed up. Files, Emails. Databases, all of it. – We monitor its progress, perform regular tests so you can be sure that we have got your back. All stored both onsite and in a secure UK based Data centre (we don’t like the word cloud).

Constant Intelligent Monitoring

All of your devices will be proactively monitored for the early signs of issues. We can prevent a problem before you even notice.

Regular Site Visits - Working closely with your staff

Your team should (and will) get to know us. We will perform regular visits to ensure everything is running smoothly and join you for a cuppa (of course).

Keeping things up to date - Patch management

With one of our key services, we perform regular maintenance of your devices to ensure things stay up to date, stable and safe. No more Windows updates as you rush out the door

Disaster Readiness

Preparing for a disaster may feel like a chore, but not any longer. We arrange a disaster recovery plan to ensure the smooth running of your business. Remember when lockdown started? – We were ready.

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