With technology moving at such a fast rate, it is not surprising that there are so many abbreviations and buzzwords within the industry. Here we have another one for you, Mobile WIFI. To anyone in the industry, this has been around for a while, but it is becoming more popular in the small business space and will continue to do so with the growth of the home-based  worker or mobile user.  We predict that this is going to be common practise for security focused businesses with home or remote users. So, let’s talk Mobile WIFI

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What is Mobile WIFI?

Mobile WIFI is a small device which gives you internet connectivity over the mobile network. It uses 4G/5G connectivity and you can connect your devices like your WIFI connection would in the office. Imagine being able to pick up your WIFI router and taking it everywhere you go.

Who is Mobile WIFI for?

Let’s be honest, lockdown was a gamechanger for small businesses everywhere. New ideas have stemmed from how to keep connected, as well as reliance on cloud technologies. Now, businesses are reviewing whether they really need everyone in the same office. As these change take place, IT departments need to keep up. Suddenly staff members are taking business equipment home and setting things up using different networks. These home networks need to be secure, which can be interesting when the company isn’t responsible for what goes on at the employee’s homes.

You also have the mobile user, one’s that are forever visiting clients and connecting to different WIFI networks, the coffee shop, the hotel or also known as the public network. Public networks CANNOT be trusted. With anyone being able to connect to these devices you should never access company data on a public WIFI. 

The “Can I use your WIFI” guy! – Some workers are always with their customers whether it be sales meetings or consulting, these staff members are joining lots of different networks which (if they are out of your control) can pose a risk. If each of these people had a Mobile WIFI device, they can access cloud services in a secure way without sharing a network. 

How does it work?

It works very much in the same way smartphones connect to the internet. You get a device that acts as a WIFI router, but has a SIM card inside which uses the Mobile Network to get onto the internet. If your staff only ever connect work devices to this network, you can protect yourselves from other devices on your staff’s home network, or other networks you do not have control over. With Mobile WIFI costs going down, once setup correctly, these can reduce the security risk of both home and mobile users significantly.



Which one do I get?

 There are many different Mobile WIFI providers with varying Mobile networks. We can provide advice on the best way forward with your business security and are happy to chat about Mobile WIFI. Feel free to get in contact with us.

Hopefully, you will take away something from the above and see if Mobile WIFI fits into your business security model. If you would like to stay up to date with the latest news and tips, please sign up to our mailing list below.